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At Kaybridge we understand the importance of offering our landlords the peace of mind in knowing that their property is in safe hands.

Our  clients are as varied as our properties ranging from accidental private landlords with just one small rental property to investment landlords juggling a complex portfolio. We appreciate that every client will have their own unique requirements and we can tailor our service to suit these needs.

Our tailor made solutions include a range of incremental service levels to suit your needs and budgets and our team will discuss your requirements with you in detail to ensure that we can provide the exact level of support that you have a need for. Be aware of the potential minefield of laws and regulations surrounding the rental industry and remember the old adage: ‘you get what you pay for’.

Why use Kaybridge Residential

Dedicated property manager

Full compliance for total peace of mind

No upfront fees

Landlords using our full property management service pay no fees upfront. Instead, our competitive charges are deducted from the rent on a monthly basis to help with cash flow.

Regular inspections

The paperwork

No hassle guaranteed

Repairs at very competitive prices

My Property File

A friendly and efficient service

Meeting tenant expectations

Highly recommended and we'll use them again.

Having used the services of Kaybridge Residential for the first time, I was pleased with the way the business was conducted in a clear and professional manner with attention to detail and with sense of urgency.

Nilson Martins

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