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Exciting times, buying a property. There's a lot to think about though.

There’s nothing quite like a face-to-face chat with an expert, but here’s a quick summary of useful tips and reminders for you buyers.

How it works

Finances in order?

Looking at properties

Step 3: Making an offer

Making an offer

Some handy tips for those about to buy a property

What costs should I consider before buying a property?

What is the difference between share of freehold and leasehold?

How do I extend the lease?

How long does it take to buy a property?

What if I change my mind on the property?

What is exchange of contracts?

What is completion?

When can I move into my new property?

When can I collect keys?

After the sellers solicitor has confirmed receipt of full funds for the purchase. We will notify you that keys can be released.

Do I need a survey?

If you are financing the purchase with a mortgage, your mortgage provider will need to carry out a mortgage valuation survey. A surveyor will visit the property on behalf of the bank to confirm the property is sufficient security against the loan. This is required to receive your mortgage offer. If you are not taking a mortgage, you may still wish to instruct a survey.
A homebuyer's report gives a detailed inspection of the property and the surveyor will highlight any issues that need further investigation. This survey is usually carried out on flats.
A structural survey is a full detailed survey of the property and is usually carried out on houses, as access to all parts of the property/building will be required by the surveyor.

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