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This week, the Housing Secretary announced a big plan to tackle the housing crisis in England. They want to build more homes on old land that hasn't been used much; brownfield land. This could mean building on over 26,000 sites across England, making space for about 1 million new homes. Places like South Cambridgeshire and Peterborough could see a lot of new homes, maybe over 160,000 together.

Different parts of England have varied amounts of this land. The East of England has the most, enough for around 250,000 homes, while the North East has less, only enough for about 44,000 homes.

The government also wants to make it easier for people to extend their homes without needing permission. This could give homeowners more freedom to improve their houses.

While these ideas sound good, there are still things to think about, such as making sure new homes have good roads and schools nearby, and don't harm the environment. It's important that everyone gets a say in how things are done, and that the benefits are spread evenly across the country.

This plan could be a big step in fixing the housing crisis in England. By using old land smartly and letting people improve their homes, we can make sure everyone has a decent place to live. 

This plan to tackle the housing crisis in England could also mean exciting opportunities for Epsom homeowners.