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How we value your home

There are two types of valuation Kaybridge offer – using our instant online valuation tool gives you a price ‘range’ which your property will fall into – a good guide as to what its value might be. However, this is based on your postcode, recent market prices but it will not take into account any value-adding factors that may have been made, such as any extensions, landscaping, renovations, refurbishments and so on.

Kaybridge also offers a free and personal face to face market valuation of your home. This is an appointment with one of our experienced valuation managers and will include local market analysis, the expertise and knowledge of your valuer but it will also take into account any changes that may have been made to the property.

Whether Selling or Letting, either Residential or Commercial property, you must consider talking to a true local expert.

Being independently owned, it allows us to instantly react to any changes affecting local market trends found in each of the micro-markets surrounding both your home and our offices. Our talented staff are hardworking, habitual property experts, here to serve you and to help you to achieve faster results.

Instant online valuation

Why choose instant online valuation?

Kaybridge offers a comprehensive personal service, backed by a positive ambition to be the benchmark, thus creating a new house-selling experience.
We are the most well-informed when it comes to market intelligence and the most influential when it comes to all property matters.
You are in safe hands.

Our Valuation Process
At Kaybridge we use a data-driven approach to calculate how much your home will sell for in the current market. We’ve learnt to be incredibly accurate in valuing properties

1. Before we call, we'll do some research to get an idea of a range

2. We'll then do a deep-dive valuation into your property and area

3. Next up, we visit your home and share both our final valuation & the data we used with you

Face to face personal Valuation

Why choose a face to face Charters personal valuation?

Kaybridge bespoke valuation service is unrivalled. Our local expert valuers are able to give the most up-to-date and accurate property advice and valuations.
We are confident that you will not find a service as personal and professional as Kaybridge.
Trust us.

How do our valuations compare to other agents?

Most other agents don’t give data-driven valuations, they share appraisals based on properties they’re currently selling. They’re incentivised to win your business. We’re incentivised to give you certainty on the sale from the beginning, including how much we expect you to walk away with. So we use all-of-market data from many different sources to make sure we have the best idea of what you should expect to sell for.

Get in touch

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